• A great wedding is talked about, long after
    the event is over

    We are the creators of "Great Weddings".

  • Marriage is a great event in one's life.

    It should be celebrated with traditions, customs and rituals, joy and excitement,

    and it must be a.........

    Class Weddings.

  • Why Wedding Management?

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life & it’s a matter of your prestige.

    ◉ You can find all the solutions at one point.

    ◉ You can enjoy your wedding as a guest.

    ◉ You can get extra ordinary & well planned wedding
        within your budget.

    ◉ You can be stress free, because the wedding is in
        expert’s hand.

    ◉ You can Save your time & money.

  • We create a wonderful wedding scene that reflects your personality and individuality...

    Incorporating your ideas into a cohesive design for your wedding. You can make it easier by working with an expert wedding designer from “The Tulip Touch” who can help you achieve your vision.

  • Is "The Tulip Touch" right,
    Wedding management company for you?

    In summary, "The Tulip Touch" is the right company to help you design your wedding when...

    ◉ You want to create a wedding that your guests will
         marvel at and talk about for years to come

    ◉ You have a vision of how your wedding should look
        but don’t have the time and/or are unsure of how to go
        about achieving it

    ◉ You have some idea of what you could potentially spend to achieve your dream wedding

    ◉ You’re willing to share the information in order to get the best possible value for your money and
        get myriad of ideas that will help you achieve your vision

    ◉ You would like to work with a company that actually designs events, parties and weddings with passion
        as opposed to a company who simply co-ordinates various aspects of a wedding (i.e. your typical wedding     planner)

    The easiest way to find out whether you need the assistance of "The Tulip Touch" is by simply calling us on +91 98791 44352 (Ankur Gor) for a quick chat... He will be glad to answer all your queries and assist you in forming a proper strategy.